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CPD Accredited Mental Health Awareness & Wellbeing:


Suitable for anyone who wants to improve their sense of wellbeing and resilience. The programme content is tailored to suit the needs of the delegates and includes:


  • What is mental health - the spectrum of good and ill mental health

  • Understanding symptoms of common mental health issues including anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts

  • Early warning signs - a proactive approach to avoid crisis point

  • The importance and impact of sleep and diet on mental health

  • Effective coping strategies

  • How to regain a sense of control, maintain good mental health and wellbeing

Learning Aims and Outcomes:


  • Increased awareness of good mental health and coping strategies to help maintain wellbeing 

  • An understanding of the early warning signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions delegates may encounter

  • Ensure delegates are more confident, competent and capable when responding to any issues they may face with their own mental health and those of others

  • Demonstrate through presentation of case studies effective ways to help

  • Signposting and referring for further intervention and support

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