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   Forced Marriage & Honour Based Violence:




  • Definitions, statistics and prevalence in our society.

  • Explanation of how and why it occurs, the key motives and barriers to seeking help.

  • Victim (female and male) and perpetrator behaviours and responses.

  • Cultural impact and implications.

  • The impact on physical and mental health.

  • Key risk indicators and dynamic risk assessment, important factors to consider.

  • Safeguarding measures, appropriate intervention, how to respond, when and how to refer.

  • The Criminal Justice System and Forced Marriage Protection Orders.

  • Roles, responsibilities and effective multi-agency working through best practice.

  • Female Genital Mutilation.



    The full content and depth of this module essentially covers levels 3 to 4, should the full programme be required. If so, the length of training

    is recommended as 1 day in order to benefit from the maximum level of input and gain a higher level of understanding. It can however be

    reduced in terms of level of content which would then reduce the time required for delivery. The role, remit and level of duty of care of the

    delegates are taken into consideration. It would be ideal if this module was delivered following Module 1 (Domestic Abuse) however this is

    not imperative.


    Please do not hesitate to discuss this with me prior to booking. The most suitable and cost effective training package for your needs will

    always be offered.



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